Aug 9

Healing Testimony – Healing in the Lord

​​​​​​​​K Russo  July 20, 2015

​​Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ has given us victory in every aspect of our Christian life.  Salvation is more than just making it into heaven at the end of our days on earth.  Jesus paid the price not only for redemption of our every sin and full relationship with the Godhead, but a life of complete victory while in our mortal bodies.   There is nothing lacking, nothing broken, nothing lost; we are saved from the penalty of sin, healed in our soul and body, and delivered from demonic destruction.   We are whole in Jesus when we have accepted Him as our Savior and Lord of our lives.

​​I gave my heart to the Lord in a full gospel church that preached and taught on the miraculous healings of Jesus.   I suppose that I never really thought about how those teachings would apply to me soon afterward.   A car accident left me with debilitating back pain that lasted for months despite medical treatments and drug prescriptions.   I prayed for healing and was determined to confess the scriptures over my body, believing for the manifestation of full recovery. After all, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.   I did slowly begin to recover.   One day, a man with a cane came into our church service asking for prayer.  He was a diabetic who was scheduledin the hospital for leg amputation the following day.  The pastor asked for those who would believe in prayer for this man’s healing to come to the altar.   I went up and began to pray with the others.  I felt the compassion of Jesus for this man fill me and I knew that God would do a work in this man’s life.   After leaving service, I joined friends for an evening out.   It hadn’t occurred to me that I did not take any of my medications that night or that I felt no pain in my back at all. I knew that my injury had been instantly and totally healed at the church service and that when I had put my needs aside for another, God had given me my miracle.   James 5:16 “…Pray for one another, that you may be healed”.    I continue to praise the Lord for His love, grace, and mercy.