Jul 10

Christ the Healer – Healing Lives Today

We need to know that it is God’s will that you be healed..

As many as call upon his Name shall be saved…healed..

Lord wants you to be whole, healthy and joyful. Knowing that He loves you.

Peter Coach

B00B853NRS.01.L Christ the Healer   Healing Lives Today

“It is the Gospel, which the Holy Spirit says, “is the power of God unto salvation” in all its phases, both physical and spiritual. All the Gospel is for “every creature” and for “all nations.” The Gospel does not leave a man in uncertainty praying with an “if it be Thy will”; it tells him what God’s will is. The Holy Spirit’s words, “Himself . . . bare our sicknesses” (Matthew 8: 17), are just as truly a part of the Gospel as His words, “Who his own self bare our”
― from “Christ the Healer”