In GOVERNMENT, it is quite obvious we are going through massive overhaul and yes, a “draining of the swamp”. As it is playing out before us, it is evident that as many Republicans as Democrats are in the swamp, and so this is not a partisan thing taking place, but a rather a sweeping reform. President Trump is of course the catalyst for all this and he is only beginning. Explosive revelations such as who really was in “Russian collusion” are only going to increase. The FBI, the IRS, the Attorney General’s office and the Intelligence Community have already been exposed for their duplicity and outright crookedness.

President Trump will continue to prosper in his exposure of that which has been treacherous. Do not be deceived by his low approval numbers thinking that will slow him down, as it will not. He is anointed/appointed to spearhead reformation and it will continue. His “extremely low” approval rating of 35-43% (depending on who you believe, CBS-Rasmussen) is still better than Ronald Reagan’s approval ratings were after TWO years (1/31/83) after becoming President. Ronald Reagan went on to win a record 525 electoral votes, 49 of 50 States, and defeated Walter Mondale by a whopping 18.2% in the popular vote in 1984.
Do not be surprised if President Trump is able to pull off those kind of numbers, particularly if he has had a chance to prove he is also looking out for minority Americans, which is in his intent. Furthermore, he is being given almost no credit for essentially ending the ISIS as a caliphate concept (they just lost Mosul and Raqqa), and at some point that credit will come to him. There will continue to be extreme Islam ideology in some fashion or another, but from now on they can count on being called what they are and being dealt with according to the horror of their ways. (Photo via Wikipedia)
President Trump carries a Romans 13:4 mandate: “He is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, BE AFRAID; for he carries not the sword in vain, for he is a minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath on him who does evil.”
This is not the authority that a church minister is to carry, but it is an authority that is entrusted and expected by one called to the mountain of government. The accountability and responsibility is even higher when you are in the lead nation of the world position of the United States, as you now have the expanded assignment of dealing with rogue nations that are led by clearly evil people such as North Korea, Iran and arguably Venezuela. Expect President Trump to be ever increasing the pressure on these nations as it is within his reformation assignment.
In ECONOMY, the reformation is igniting above perhaps any mountain. The unemployment rate is down to 4.2% and that is now becoming a real number as so many more jobs are now available (at least 1,000,000 since election) and it is not just people giving up on the job market. Furthermore, the Dow Jones continues to skyrocket and is now approaching 24,000. There have been 70 new record highs set for the Dow Jones since Donald Trump was elected President. This despite being fought tooth and nail for almost every economic stimulus that President Trump proposes. Before he is done, I believe he will have the Dow above 30,000 and true unemployment at or under 3%.

None of this is or was projectable by the economic “experts” but is because of the anointing that is on President Trump which is totally connected to the assignment of the reformation of nations. It is the enemy that wants the world economy killed. God wants it revived, even while knowing many will misuse the prosperity. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Our God comes that we might have the abundant blessings of life.
If you are a lover of God and His Kingdom and an entrepreneur, these are the best of days coming up. The only way you will remain, as it were, on the outside looking in, is if you are running on the old, disapproved of narrative, wine/whine skin, that says we are headed for dark days and advancement of satan’s kingdom.

Prosperity will be elusive for you if you stick with that storyline and furthermore, you would be rather without purpose for prospering with that mindset. These are devastating days for satan’s kingdom and you can exponentially increase that reality as you embrace the proper narrative of it being our God’s Kingdom age, and then finding your place in that narrative. As an aside, if you financially prospering is dependent on an overall financial collapse or the collapse of the dollar, or the bottom dropping out of Wall Street, then I believe you will be very disappointed.

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